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April 3, 2012
by admin

Patriotic Yoga

As I listened to our national anthem, for the fourth and final day at my son’s swim meet, holding my hand over my heart, watching how, we all stopped what we were doing, stopped rushing, stopped talking, and brought our attention to the sound of the music and words, I thought this is what YOGA is – stopping and bringing your awareness to this moment, feeling your hand on your heart, it brings you right here.   I thought “how cool!  we are all doing this together…let’s extend this for about an hour!  Perhaps add some pranayama …some asana …and of course end with savasana to seal it all in!”   Well if that doesn’t happen the next time you have the pleasure to share the national anthem with a crowd – simply try to take advantage, notice and acknowledge it as an opportunity to stop and practice yoga — if only for a moment.

March 5, 2012
by admin

Am I crazy?

I’ve often wondered if I am crazy….and I think the answer to that is yes…and I am cool with that.

Ultimately – crazy can be a good thing.  If crazy means open to new things, recognizing you aren’t what the world (or YOU) expects or thinks you should be, being “imbalanced” perhaps  – but accepting that and being cool with exactly where you are…maybe that’s just it!  What we are supposed to do!

I don’t strive to be crazy…I just am… I try to be “balanced”, more organized, more this more that…but when I do I focus on the destination, and get caught up in the frustration of not being “that thing I want to be or should be” and miss the just being who I am right now.  Hmmm…am I talking in circles?  Am I making sense? Well doesn’t matter because I AM CRAZY!  And that’s okay…