Am I crazy?

I’ve often wondered if I am crazy….and I think the answer to that is yes…and I am cool with that.

Ultimately – crazy can be a good thing.  If crazy means open to new things, recognizing you aren’t what the world (or YOU) expects or thinks you should be, being “imbalanced” perhaps  — but accepting that and being cool with exactly where you are…maybe that’s just it!  What we are supposed to do!

I don’t strive to be crazy…I just am… I try to be “balanced”, more organized, more this more that…but when I do I focus on the destination, and get caught up in the frustration of not being “that thing I want to be or should be” and miss the just being who I am right now.  Hmmm…am I talking in circles?  Am I making sense? Well doesn’t matter because I AM CRAZY!  And that’s okay…

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